• 1 Dal pregiato frutto della nostra terra
  • 2 Molito con macine in pietra
  • 3 Otteniamo un olio di assoluta qualità

Classic line

Delicate taste

Producted by cold pressed from olive Coratina variety, this oil has an swett flavor. Thanks to the refined taste, that 'oil is good as a condiment for dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, both for raw pinzimonio, salad or bread. Especially appreciated on roast meet. This product is available in bottles of 0,25 and 0,75 liters.


Oil in tin

It is a product cold pressed in the traditional way, mainly from Coratina olives, cultivated in our lands. For is delicate flavour, this oil can be used both for the condiments of Mediterranean kitchen, both for enriching salads or bread.Especially appreciated on cooled vegetables and legumes. This product is available in tins of 1,3 and 5 liters.