• 1 From the the precious fruit of our land
  • 2 Milled with millstones
  • 3 We get a high quality oil

100% Italian Olive oil

From olive agro Biscegliese

Our production consists of extra virgin olive oil with an indication of origin Product 100% Italian..


Valente farm

Fresh fruit every days


The farm P.O.B., with the brand Valente is responsible for the marketing of fresh fruit. It is a leader in the distribution of table grapes and cherries, specialties of the region of Puglia.

The oil of those who eat healthy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil P.O.B

Frantoio Oleario Macine in Pietra

The presence of antioxidants makes the oil very important for our health.


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P.O.B. Produttori Oleari Biscegliesi

The chef's recommendations

The oil exta virgin olive oil in cooking

Extravergine dello Chef

Extra virgin olive oil is among the most important ingredients of our diet. Today the chef recommends...